Bex Wright | Etsy Shop Now Open!
Words and pictures by author/illustrator R. A. Wright
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Etsy Shop Now Open!

Well it’s a very nice day all round; firstly as it’s my dear old Mum’s 59th birthday (happy birthday mum), but more importantly (ha, sorry mum), it’s the launch of my little Etsy shop! It’s going to be filled with cards, prints and other goodies that spring from the studio, inspired by stories (some new, some not so new) and the beautiful Lancashire landscape in which my little domain resides. To begin with there’s just a few greetings cards available, but there’ll be lots more coming soon, including the Six Wives notecards and some one off prints.




Fancy Hats Card £2.95




Hot House Flowers Card £2.95




In the Hot House (Mr Langdon) Card £2.95


I’ll also be putting up some custom options, so please visit to have a look around.


Thank you and happy Friday!